How To Edit Pages

Here are the steps you should follow to edit pages on the wiki:

  1. Login, you can visite the "How join this site" if your not a member
  2. Once your logged in, at the bottom of every page there specific command such as, "edit." which you can click at anytime
  3. From "Edit" you can use the open space and the wysiwyg to make changes as needed. Don't be afraid of the icons, you will notice the wiki has it's own coding language which is pretty easy to pick up. For example, the proper syntax for to add a link is: link - all links are enclosed in three brackets with a pike between the link name
  4. Keep in mind you can upload images, attachments, and links as needed using the wysiwyg.
  5. Click "save" when your done. You can also click "preview" if you want to see how the page looks before publishing
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